What's on tap right now?

Being a fledgling brewing operation, we'll only be offering one beer at a time for the foreseeable future. Right now, when you find us on tap you can expect the beer to be...


TEMPERANCE BREWING CO-OP  West Coast IPA (5.9% ABV)This beer is exactly as hoppy as you would expect a West Coast IPA to be, bringing together ample measures of Centennial and Cascade hops that impart a pleasant, citrusy bitterness to your palate. What sets this beer apart from other IPAs is the malt profile. This thing has malts for days. The caramel and molasses flavours form a formidable backbone that cannot be ignored. Our West Coast IPA its a beautifully balanced yet assertive beer that will satisfy all who demand the same robust character from their beer as they do from themselves.


Find us on a tap near you.

The map below identifies the fine establishments that keep our product flowing through their taps. We do our very best to keep this map up to date, but keep in mind that stock levels change frequently and the map might not be 100% perfect at all times. If you're dead-set on having a tasty Temperance pint, which, let's face it, you should be, call ahead to make sure they have the product you're looking for.