Contract Brew Ahead!

Hello, stranger!

It's been a little while since our last update so we thought it would be prudent to loop everyone in on what's been happening. Below you will find an update on what's been going on with the co-op and where we plan to go over the coming months. Read on and be thrilled!

Contract Brew Ahead!

If you're anything like us, you're getting antsy waiting for this brewing co-op to brew a freakin' beer, already! The fact of the matter is we know this is what the membership wants. At our last member meet-up we conducted a survey asking what everyone's thoughts were on what TBC's short-term priorities should be. The overwhelming response we got was that a contract brew needs to happen. There was some interest in putting together a home-brew competition and in simply saving our pennies, but in general the people want to see beer. 

We're very happy to report that Temperance Brewing Co-operative is now in a financial position where a contract brew is possible. Given that the money is now available and that the membership has spoken on what our priorities need to be, it is our intention to brew and launch TBC's inaugural beer in the near future.

The Board has been hard at work reaching out to potential partners and hammering out the logistics of turning barley into booze for you all to fill your glasses with. As the details get firmed up we will be passing them along to all of you. We'll also be looking for input from the membership in making some decisions about the brew, so stay tuned for that!

Strategic Planning

As we all know, the worst thing about beer is that it runs out. A savvy person like yourself, recognizing this unfortunate characteristic of our beloved beverage, might be led to ask an important question: "What happens when the first batch of TBC beer is gone?" We're glad you asked! We mentioned above that we're in the process of securing a partner to help us brew the first TBC beer. It is our intention, once that partner is in place, to brew a number of beers over the coming year. Our priority is to make sure that once the beer starts flowing, it doesn't stop.

To help make sure we're able to consistently produce beer for you to enjoy, the Board is currently in the process of developing a short-to-medium term strategic plan. This plan will solidify a strategy that will enable us to sustain production of beer through contract brewing for the foreseeable future and, ideally, turn a profit that we can put toward our own brew pub.

There you have it - progress and intrigue! A big thanks from your Board for sticking with us as we work toward our first brew. We hope you're as excited as we are and that you'll stay tuned and get involved when the time comes. 

Cheers for now,

The TBC Board